"Vibrato Maestro Meghan did a wonderful job explaining the concepts and demonstrating the motion. But the best part was the feedback. You can go online and watch tutorial videos all you like but the problem there is whilst you may be shown what to do, you may not get an explanation what you are doing wrong. So having that personalized feedback was incredibly useful. Plus having the feedback every few days let me stay on top of those bad habits as they occurred, which for vibrato I think works best rather than the weekly lesson format. Meghan was very conscientious throughout and gave excellent advice all along. So no regrets on taking this course." ~ Sam Z., Student of The Vibrato Intensive
Interested in learning more but skeptical about online lessons? Here's what my students are saying:

"I’m an adult beginner with just a little over one year of violin lessons under my belt.  I stumbled upon SuzukiViolinTeacher’s IG account whilst earnestly searching for “the best and fastest way to learn the violin”.  After following Meghan for a couple of weeks, I knew I wanted her to teach me what she knows.  I like how she breaks down the music pieces, explains the learning objectives and follows through with the teaching points with patience and care.  Her teaching style/technique is very effective; she knows when to push/challenge me and when to be more patient.  She keeps me focused and provides the accountability I need to stay on track and keep progressing.  In the short time we’ve been working together (2.5 months), my technique and sound has improved greatly.  I see myself working with Meghan for as long as I am able to play and afford the lessons.  While there’s no Holy Grail to learning the violin overnight, the perfect student/teacher matching is the next best thing!  I highly recommend Meghan to anyone considering taking up the violin." ~ Maria S., New Jersey

" I have really enjoyed learning from Meghan. As a beginner adult violinist, I was a bit apprehensive about finding an instructor that was the right fit for me. Meghan has proven to be an excellent instructor! She has met the challenge of providing quality instruction to long distance learners through live video streaming, and it works great! If you are brand new to violin or a seasoned violinist, Meghan can take your playing to the next level in a fun, professional and motivating learning environment. " ~Ryan W., Texas

“Like many affected by the Covid situation, my in-person lessons were suddenly stopped for the safety concerns.  In order to continue my lesson’s virtually, I discovered Meghan online and was very impressed by video performances.  In addition, as a returning-older and beginning student I needed someone who is super patient.  I decided to reach out and Meghan perfectly matched my requirements.  She is able to explain difficult concepts clearly, and plan a path for my violin journey.  Meghan is a wonderful teacher and I really enjoy my sessions with her every week.” ~ Yat-Lun K., Washington D.C.

"As a beginner violinist I realized I was stuck at the same skill level because I was self taught. I met Meghan and she helped me get better at sight reading, bow control and violin playing in general. She definitely helped me hone the skills required to build up my violin confidence. I am highly satisfied with my classes with her." ~ Michael O., Texas

"Meghan is a very supportive teacher who pays close attention to everything when you are playing, even though you have online lessons : your position, how you hold the bow, how it sounds, the rhythm, etc. As I live in France, we had to settle things down to be able to play in good conditions (payment issues, time slots...) but thanks to Meghan's great adaptability and kindness, this was no problem at all in the end. Thank you Meghan for this beautiful experience ! I definitely recommend her as a teacher !" ~ Beatrice B., France